Sushi Near Me: Find Sushi Restaurants Close to You Now

Sushi restaurants have become a trending option of Japanese food near me for both quick and casual food and a high-end fine dinner. 

Are you looking for suggestions for the best Sushi near me?

Ordering Sushi online with delivery or visiting Sushi places nearby for dining-in is made easy with the evolving technology, especially the maps and place locators.

The map embedded below will automatically show you the Sushi places nearby, providing you with the menu and prices available from the best Sushi restaurants in your neighborhood and delivery order option from the Sushi bars near you open now.

Whether searching for the classic California roll or something more adventurous, you will find the desired Japanese food near you with our easy-to-use locator and comprehensive guide.

Sushi Places Near Me Locator

Explore the map below, and browse the Sushi shops and stores near you to find the best delivery and dine-in options:

View Sushi locations on a larger map

With this Sushi Near Me Locator, you can zoom in to find the closest locations and click on them to view detailed information about that place, including the direction, reviews, menu, hours of operation, delivery, dine-in, and takeout options, etc.

The Hour filter is a useful built-in function to help you find all Sushi open near me. Select the desired hours you want to order, takeout, or dine-in, and you will see the updated map with only the Sushi place near you open now.

Another tip to fully use this map is to customize your searches. Click the view Sushi locations on a larger map, and then you can input your specific searches regarding the Japanese food nearby there. For example, all-you-can-eat Sushi near me, Sushi buffet near me, revolving or conveyor belt sushi near me, etc.

Best Sushi Restaurants Near Me

Have no idea which Sushi restaurant to eat? Here is a list of the most popular Sushi places recommended by locals:

Masa (New York City)

  • High-end sushi restaurant with fixed-price and modern, elegant environment.
  • Address: 10 Columbus Cir (Get direction on Google map)
  • Phone: +12128239800
  • Menu: Click to check
  • Review: “Amazing place for Japanese cocktails and sushi.”

Sushi Taro (Washington, D.C.)

  • High-end sushi shop with lunch specials, sake and shochu.
  • Address: 1503 17th St NW (Get direction on Google map)
  • Phone: +12024628999
  • Menu: Click to check
  • Review: “Hands down the best sushi in the DC area for the price point.”

Akiko’s Restaurant (San Francisco)

  • Classic and contemporary sushi rolls, and other Japanese seafood.
  • Address: 431 Bush St  (Get direction on Google map)
  • Phone: +14153973218
  • Menu: Click here to check
  • Review: “Authentic food located in a trendy, yet tiny room, with great service.”

The Brothers Sushi (Woodland Hills)

  • Sushi bar with Japanese raw fish & rolls with beer & wine in simple environs.

Nobu (Las Vegas)

  • high-end Japanese cuisine by chef Nobu Matsuhisa.

Maneki (Seattle)

  • Sushi from a landmark Japanese place dating back to 1904.

Makoto (Miami)

  • Sleek and elegant Sushi restaurant providing Sushi & robata dishes.

Uchi (Austin)

  • Sushi and other creative dishes from chef Tyson Cole.

Tomo (Atlanta)

  • Artful Sushi and a long sake list from a classic Japanese Sushi place
  • Address: 3630 Peachtree Rd NE  (Get direction on Google map)
  • Phone: +14048352708
  • Menu: Click here to check
  • Review: Inventive Japanese gastronomy. Pricy but great quality in food and service.

Sushi Ota (San Diego)

  • Premium sushi and omakase tastings from the chef-owned Japanese spot

*Have anything in mind to add to this list? Feel free to comment and share your favorite Japanese food near you with other readers including the information of the Sushi restaurant name and location (city).

Sushi Near Me

How to Find Sushi Restaurants Nearby My Location

Are you hungry and trying to find a nice Sushi restaurant near your location? 

You can use the map above to locate all the Sushi restaurant options in your neighborhood. It’s supported by Google map, the most reliable location service provider. 

To help Google map find the Japanese food near you with the most accurate blue dot, you can calibrate the Google map by enabling the compass calibration on an Android phone and turning on Wi-Fi scanning and Bluetooth scanning on iPhone (Click here to see how to do it with steps instructions).

Also, you need to ensure that the GPS function is turned on to share your location information with Google map.

Another useful resource to find good Sushi near me is the forum which connects you with the community and other Japanese food lovers nearby. We can see many people asking for the best Sushi restaurant recommendations in their city subreddit, and people are willing to offer suggestions on their favorite Sushi places.

If you are trying to order Sushi near me delivery, you might also want to check out the food delivery platforms, including Uber EatsGrubHub, and Postmates. Generally, you are required to enter your delivery address to see the Sushi places open now with delivery. 

This method is more straightforward to order Sushi delivery near you, but chances are that your desired Japanese food spot or the best Sushi places nearby are not associated with the platform. In that case, you may miss some good Sushi bars close to you if you just rely on the ordering app.

Compared with the food ordering platform, Google map provides a more comprehensive service in finding the Sushi restaurants near you, with all the places in red dot, phone number, website, and delivery ordering button, so you will be sure to find a way to address your needs.

Yelp can also help locate the best Sushi restaurants near you. You just need to input your desired cuisine (“Japanese food near me” or “Sushi near me”) and your location, and you will see a list of the Sushi shops near you, both cheap and those high-end ones. However, note that the search results on Yelp will oftentimes display some sponsored results at the top of the best Sushi near me list. Remember to filter that out because those are paid results.

Are you searching for cheap Sushi near me? GROUPON is a handy tool to help you find updated deals on Sushi restaurants nearby. Remember to check it out before you go to save on your next Sushi meal.

How to Eat Sushi, Sushi History & Cost

Have you decided on the top Sushi near you to give it a try?

The last thing you might need is to learn how to eat Sushi, especially if it’s your first time visiting a Japanese restaurant nearby. In fact, ordering and eating Sushi is really easy! The video below shows you how to dine at your favorite restaurant with a brief introduction to the Sushi history and cost.

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