Subway Near Me: Find Subway Restaurants Closest to Your Location

With over 43,000 restuarants worldwide, Subway is the most accessible fast food place in the entire world (McDonald’s is in 2nd place with 37,000). It should be easy for you to find a Subway near you wherever you are!

Wondering where is the subway closest to your location?

Our map below provides a quick overview of all the Subway restaurants near you with directions to get there.

More than that, this post will serve as an ultimate guide that introduces everything you need to know about the Subway sandwiches near you, including the opening hours, menus, prices, and steps to order at Subway restaurant nearby (in case you have any order anxiety in ordering and this is really common according to our research).

So let’s get started!

Subway Restaurant Near Me

Is there a Subway near me? As the most common fast-food joint in the US, Subway near you is easy to find. Check the map to see all the Subway restaurants near your current location:

The interface of this Subway Near Me Locator is simple and easy to navigate. You can just zoom in to check the closest Subway to you. Click on the “view larger map” after selecting a specific nearby Subway, and you will see all the detailed information to help you go there and get the best order.

Alternatively, you can go to the Subway store locator (the nationwide version) on its official website to find the nearest Subway or use its delivery locator to find a Subway restaurant nearby that delivers to your door.

However, the great thing about the Google technology-supported Subway Near Me Map is that it will update you with all the accessible Subways around your area automatically for you to select, saving your time to input your address or postcode. More than that, you can read reviews, opening hours, phone numbers, and service options (pickup, drive-thru, or delivery) of any selected Subway near you to choose and pick the top-rated ones.

If the map does not show the Subway restaurants near you automatically, check and ensure you have enabled the GPS on your mobile phone. If it shows the wrong place, check and ensure the proxies are disabled.

Tip: If you are looking especially for Subway delivery near you, the online ordering platform can be really helpful. Some popular downloading include DoorDash, GrubHub, and UberEats.

Subway Near Me

How to Order at Subway Sandwiches Near Me

The tricky thing is that you can not order something off the menu at Subway (no standard Subway sandwiches are offered), and the pictures there are only indicative.

No worries if you feel anxious when ordering at the Subway near you. It’s really common, and there are many efficient ways to help you cope with that.

A simple way is to ask Subway to make you a sandwich from the menu as it normally would be made. No customizations. Usually, they have Monday to Friday Specials so you can order directly (it’s also a good deal to try).

Alternatively, you can look up the menu online before heading to any Subway restaurant near you so you will know what to choose. You can even practice in your head or rehearse your interaction with the waiter in the mirror. The general process of ordering at the Subway nearby goes like the following (examples are shown in the bracket):

  1. Pick a sandwich from the menu. (This will be the template.)
  2. Now pick a bread option (Italian bread)
  3. Decide if you want 6” or 12” (footlong/6 inch)
  4. Pick out some meats (steak)
  5. Decide if you want deluxe (That means extra meat)
  6. Decide if you want it toasted. (Toasted)
  7. Pick some veggies (Olives, onions, tomatoes)
  8. Pick a sauce (Mayonnaise)
  9. Pay for the sandwich.

If you really want to avoid the interaction and feel stressed, you can check whether the Subway near you offers a drive-thru option that allows you to talk to a robot and customize your order with a touch screen. The Subway app is also helpful. You can just select what you want, pay, and go to the Subway restaurant near you to pick up the order.

Subway Shop Menu (with Prices)

Thinking about what to order ahead of time is a good habit that saves your time and money (in many cases). Check out what the Subway near you offers and decide on your Subway sandwich with our updated menu:

Classic Sandwiches



6 inch

Ultimate Steak



Meatball Marinara



Spicy Italian






Black Forest Ham



Chicken Caesar Melt



Cold Cut Combo



Italian BMT



Pizza Sub Melt



Roast Beef



Rotisserie-Style Chicken



Steak & Cheese



Subway Club



Subway Melt






Turkey Breast



Veggie Delite



For the full Subway near me menu, including the wraps, breakfast, sides, salads, kid’s meal, and drinks, click here for more information.

Here are some combinations recommended by sandwich lovers to give you some inspiration for your next order at the Subway near your location:

  • Turkey Italiano, Lettuce, Spinach, Olives, Yellow Mustard, Mayo, Ranch, Pepper, Salt, Oil
  • Chicken, bacon, ranch sub on wheat bread; Toasted, provolone cheese; Lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, pepperchinis, onions, salt, pepper, ranch, oil, vinegar.
  • Italian BMT on flatbread. Pepper jack, toasted. Olives, onions, banana peppers, lettuce, mayo, and chipotle southwest sauce.
  • Breakfast steak and eggs on flatbread.

Subway Restaurant Near Me Operation Hours

What time does Subway near me close or open?

The subway hours of operation can be different across stores, and the most convenient and reliable way to confirm the opening hours of the Subway near you is to check the map information. It’s usually provided and updated by the restaurant staff and the real customers.

That being said, the general (and most possible) opening hours of your nearby Subway is 7am to 8pm (Monday through Sunday). The breakfast hours are 7am to 11 am (Monday through Friday), and the regular menu can be ordered at 10 am.

Many of you might be wondering if there is a 24-hour Subway near you.

The short answer is YES. You can easily find the Subway 24 hours near me on the Google map with the built-in filter. Just view any Subway revealed on the map and select “open 24 hours”, the map will automatically be updated with only the 24 hour Subway near your location.

However, notice that during the holidays (Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day, etc.), the Subway near you might have limited opening hours and special arrangements. So it’s better for you to call and confirm their opening hours ahead of time during holidays.

Tip: You can check the phone number of any selected Subway near you on the map details.

More About Subway Restaurants

If you want to find out more information about Subway around your area, there are a lot of ways you can keep connected with them online and offline:

  1. Call their customer service at 8008884848 or contact them online.
  2. Stay tuned with Subway (deals and coupons) on social media (Facebook and Twitter)


This website is an independent information hub and is not endorsed by or affiliated with Subway or Google in any way. The mission of is to provide the nearest location of Subway and other popular restaurants using the most accurate Google map technology. If you find any problems or have any trouble using this Subway Near Me map, feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below or sending us a message directly.


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