KFC Near Me: Find KFC Nearby That’s Open (with Delivery)

Not in the mood for cooking or just want a tantalizing takeaway? KFC near you can be your first option.

KFC (with the full form being Kentucky Fried Chicken) is the world’s second largest fast food restaurant chain known for its buckets of fried chicken, plus wings and sides.

If you are looking for the KFC dine-in or delivery to your door, you are in the right place. This post will get you covered with a list of kentucky fried chicken near you, the updated menu, deals, KFC hours, and more!

Find Your Nearest KFC

Locating the KFC near you is easy with the map below. You can zoom in to select the KFC closest to you and see more information by clicking the “view in a larger map”.

Here are several things you might be interested to know about the KFC near you. Be sure to check them out for the best buy:

  • KFC open near me: Select the “Hours” filter and you will see a list of options to customize the results. For example, the KFC near me open now, KFC near me open 24 hours or on any specific date and time.
  • Nearby KFC reviews. There can be noticeable differences in food and service quality between different restuarants. Remember to check reviews to avoid those terribly rated KFCs around your area.
  • Service options. Not all KFCs close to you allow you to dine in. Be sure to check it out before you go to any KFC restaurants nearby.
  • KFC delivery. Delivery, drive-thru and curbside pickup are generally available at KFC restaurants.

*To make the map work properly, don’t forget to share your location with us by enabling the GPS function on your phone. Click here to see how to turn on the GPS on your iPhone and Android phone.

If you have any trouble locating the KFC near you with the map, you can simply enter your address here and you will get a list of kentucky fried chicken near you. Or you may check the full directory listed in the order of states. Feel free to contact us if you find any problems with the results.

KFC Near Me

KFC Menu and Top Products

Here is an updated KFC menu so you can plan your meal ahead of time (with price).

KFC Near Me Menu

Click to view the full KFC menu here, including tenders & nuggets, fill ups, bows, sandwiches, sides, etc.

Here we’ve also prepared a list of the most ordered items at KFC so you can get some recommendations if you have no idea what to get yet.

  1. Chicken Sandwich
  2. Mashed Potatoes With Gravy
  3. Cole Slaw
  4. Original Recipe Chicken Breast
  5. Mac & Cheese
  6. Chicken Pot Pie
  7. Extra Crispy Tenders
  8. Crispy Colonel Sandwich
  9. Secret Recipe Fries
  10. Original Recipe Chicken Thigh
  11. Popcorn Chicken Nuggets
  12. Kentucky Fried Wings
  13. Biscuit
  14. Mashed Potatoes
  15. Original Recipe Chicken Drumstick

You might have heard about the $20 Family Fill Up. So what is the $20 fill up at KFC?

Basically, it’s a special treat from kentucky fried chicken near you. It includes 8 pieces of Original Recipe chicken, 2 large mashed potatoes, 1 large gravy, 1 cole slaw and 4 biscuits for only $20. So if you are one of those who like food, it’s a great deal to order the $20 Family Fill Up.

Here are some other popular orderings and KFC deals that can save you money:


What’s include

$5 Fill Up

Two tasty pieces of fried chicken (thigh and drumstick) with larger mashed potatoes, a cookie, a biscuit, and a medium-sized drink

$30 10-Piece Feast

10 pieces of KFC’s Original Recipe Fried Chicken or Extra Crispy Bone-In Chicken. 2 large sides of mashed potatoes and gravy. 1 large side of coleslaw. 4 biscuits

Big Box Meals

3 pcs chicken box or 2 pc. chicken & popcorn box or 3 tenders and popcorn box including Individual Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Coleslaw, Biscuit & Medium Drink

Kentucky Fried Chicken Near Me Delivery

If you are considering ordering KFC delivery, a fast and easy way is to use the online food ordering platform.

Some popular options for KFC delivery include Uber Eats and DoorDash. You may simply enter your delivery address, and it will give you the result of the KFC restaurants nearby with foods picked for you and a glance of the new items.

Another way to order the KFC delivery is to use the Google map (as integrated at the beginning of the post). You will be able to find an “ORDER ONLINE” button at each KFC restuarants near you so you can place an order directly from there.

Note: This website is not associated with KFC restaurants or any related platforms. It serves the only purpose of providing helpful information about KFC nearby with simple guides and tips to help you find the best KFC nearby and place the order.

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