Food Near Me: Find Best Restaurants Near Your Location

Who delivers food near me? What fast food is open near me? Where to eat healthy food near me? What are the best restaurants near me?

It seems like you are searching hungrily for some good places to eat near you, but still, you need some extra information to decide on the best restaurant near your location for your needs.

No worries. We’ve got you covered. 

Whether you are looking for Chinese food, fast food, Mexican food, Japanese Sushi nearby or any kind, you will learn the top rated restaurants near your location. Whether you want to pick it up, dine in, or have it delivered directly to your door, you will find the most straightforward option with our multi-functional map.

So here is an overview of the food near you that’s available for delivery or takeout:

Food Near Me: A Closer Look

The Food Near Me overview might be too general to provide more useful information and let you see each restaurant nearby.

In that case, check out the map below which shows you precisely the food nearby in your neighborhood, marked with the street names you are familiar with.

Tip: A magic tool for this Food Near Me Locator is the function of “viewing on a larger map.” It will lead you to a more comprehensive map with an advanced filtering function and exhaustive information about the restaurants near me.

From there, you can see the directions, websites, menus, and price ranges to find any food you like, such as the cheap food near me, Chinese buffet food near me, food trunks near me, fast food near me, etc.

Find Places to Eat Near Me Open Now

What food places are open near me? 

By default, the Food Near Me Map displays all the food near you even if it’s currently not accessible.

However, it’s important to know the food near you open now if you want to get food immediately.

The great thing is that this Food Nearby Map can be easily tweaked to suit your needs for specific places to eat near you:

You will see different filters listed at the top of the map. Check the “Hours” section, and it will allow you to choose “Open now”, “Any time”, or a specific time you prefer.

Food Near Me Map Filter

Alternatively, you can search for 24 hour food near me so you can order from the restaurants nearby whenever you want. Usually, the fast food places tend to offer 24 hour service, such as Waffle House, White Castle, McDonald’s, Burger King, etc.

To view the 24/7 food near you, just select “Open 24 Hours” on the “Hours” drop-down menu available at the top of the larger map (mentioned above).

Order Food Near Me Delivery Online

Who is delivering food near me? Who delivers Chinese food near me?

If you are looking for food delivery near me, there are a lot of creative ways to help you effectively select the best food places around your location:

#1. Order Services Integrated on the Map

The Food Near Me Map introduced above can also be used as an online ordering platform, with its integrated “ORDER ONLINE” function. You will never miss it if you check the restaurants near you on the larger map.

Click on that button, and it will allow you to choose “Pick up” or “Delivery” and schedule a specific time to get your food. You will also see a selection of platforms to place your order, such as the popular Seamless and Grubhub.

To help you order the food delivery near you more effectively, the menu and prices are also provided on the same page for easy reference. So you don’t need to check the menu from the website of food stores near you again.

Food Near Me Delivery Option

(This image is just for demonstrative purpose only)

#2. Independent Food Ordering Platforms

The independent food ordering platforms are a popular go-to for those who want to order food delivery near me.

Unlike the Food Near Me Map, you will see only food that delivers near me. So there will not be as many options to distract your attention, making the decision easier for you.

Some popular online food delivery service providers include GrubhubDoorDash, Seamless, and UberEats.

However, an obvious drawback of this method is that it only offers limited options of places to eat near you, and those food places that deliver without online service will not show on the website.

#3. Order by Phone 

Call-in ordering is also a feasible way for most of the food restaurants nearby. It’s a more old-school way of ordering, but it’s very efficient to communicate with the restaurant near you about your specific requirements.

It’s especially useful if you don’t see an ordering option online since not all food restaurants near you have their “virtual stores” online.

You can quickly get the phone number of any place to eat near you on the map. Just click on the restaurant near your location, and you will see the phone number listed in the expanded information card.

Food Near Me

Must-Try Restaurants Near Your Location

Is there any good food near me? What’s the best food near me?

Here is a list of the must-try food recommendations you can find close to your current location. The most popular food category searches include:

  • Chinese food near me
  • Fast food near me
  • Sushi near me
  • Indian restaurant near me
  • Mexican food near me
  • BBQ near me
  • Dessert near me
  • Dunkin donut near me
  • Italian restaurants near me
  • Taco bell near me
  • Seafood near me

To make sure you can find a recommended food place nearest to your location, the list is based on the top 10 most popular chain restaurants ranked by the Insider Media.

  • O’Charley’s
  • Category: American Restaurant
  • Number of US Locations: 212
  • Price: $$
  • Service Options: Delivery, Takeout, Dine-in, Curbside pickup
  • Customer Review: “The food was good, the service was good atmosphere was good , prices were fair”
  • Food Menu
  • Find a Location Nearest to You


  • Red Lobster
  • Category: Seafood Restaurant
  • Number of US Locations: 662
  • Price: $$
  • Service Options: Delivery, Takeout, Dine-in, Curbside pickup
  • Customer Review: “The service is well the wait is hell food is good prices on moderate”
  • Food Menu
  • Find a Location Nearest to You


  • P.F. Chang’s China Bistro
  • Category: Chinese Restaurant
  • Number of US Locations: 214
  • Price: $$
  • Service Options: Delivery, Takeout, Dine-in, Curbside pickup, Drive-through, Outdoor Seating
  • Customer Review: “I was ready to try some very American Chinese food before going, but it amazed me, totally!”
  • Food Menu
  • Find a Location Nearest to You


  • Outback Steakhouse
  • Category: Australian-Themed Chain
  • Number of US Locations: 755
  • Price: $$
  • Service Options: Delivery, Takeout, Dine-in, Curbside pickup
  • Customer Review: “Best place. Service was exelent, the waiter gave me extra bread. Delicious food”
  • Food Menu
  • Find a Location Nearest to You




  • Red Robin
  • Category: Burgers, Fast Food
  • Number of US Locations: 510
  • Price: $$
  • Service Options: Delivery, Takeout, Dine-in, Curbside pickup
  • Customer Review: “Excellent ambience, Yummy food, lovely place to chill”
  • Food Menu
  • Find a Location Nearest to You




  • Olive Garden
  • Category: Italian Restaurant
  • Number of US Locations: 841
  • Price: $$
  • Service Options: Delivery, Takeout, Dine-in, Curbside pickup
  • Customer Review: “They have a delicious food and i like strawberry cheesecake yum yummy”
  • Food Menu
  • Find a Location Nearest to You


Bonus tip: Check out GROUPON before you go to get coupons and deals for cheap food near you.

Chinese Food Near Me

If you are interested to know Chinese food near you, this post can provide you a list of top rated Chinese food nearby by selecting “Chinese” on the “Cuisine” drop-down menu.

Chinese food is trending now. If you want to learn more about the Chinese food near your location, you may also visit our dedicated map and guide for locating the best Chinese food nearby.

Fast Food Near Me

Fast food has always been an easy, quick, and convenient option for food near me choices. This page has included the fast food near you options, but they are mixed in all other types of food close to your location.

If you want to see only the fast food near you, click here or select one from the following to check our dedicated and comprehensive guide:

However, most fast food is considered “Junk-Food” that contributes lots of calories but little nutritional value. If you are looking for some healthy food near you, try searching “gluten-free food near me” or “healthy food near me” directly.

Mexican Food Near Me

Mexico food nearby is also a popular option, with its most famous Tacos enjoyed by millions of people. If you are also one of those who love Mexican food and would like to check out the top Mexico food near your location, you can visit our guide for finding Mexican food near me.

Japanese Food Near Me

Interested in Japanese food near you? Sushi near me is a good choice. You can explore the best Japanese food nearest to your location with our dedicated map by clicking here.

Other Food Near Me Related Searches

The provided map might not address all your searches concerning places to eat near me, possibly with several related searches meant to be something else rather than the restaurants and food places we dine in every day.

So here, we try to provide more specific information to address your diverse needs using the Google Maps technology.

1.Where can I donate food near me?

Click here to check the food donation centers close to your location.

2. Is there any dog food store near me?

Click here to browse a list of dog stores nearby for quality dog food.

3. Is there a food pantry near me?

Click here to see the food pantries available nearest to your location.

If you want to add any information to our Food Near Me map or have any restaurants near you to share with us, feel free to leave it in the comment and discuss your favoriate places to eat with other readers.

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